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A Simple Education on Psychic Abilities


Which types of psychic abilities do you naturally possess? To have a solid education on psychic abilities and understanding of psychic powers means you’ll be able to develop more than just a few basic psychic skills…and then the sky really is your limit!

Have you experienced unusual feelings when meeting people or when walking into a new place? In that case you’re naturally clairsentient

If you get pictures in your mind’s eye and possess a strong visual imagination you’re likely to be naturally clairvoyant

If you sometimes feel that someone called out your name and then you turn around to find no-one there, you’ve probably just had a clairaudient experience.

You may already possess strong psychic intuition and get ‘hunches’ which turn out to be right-on-the-money as time goes on. And the more you trust these intuitions, the better the choices you’ll make in life.

Education on psychic abilities begins at home with our everyday experiences and family life. You might even have a psychic child, indigo child, or crystal child as they’ve been called more recently.

Psychic children come out with information which they couldn’t possibly have known about, and many psychic children are natural mediums, sensing and seeing their relatives in Spirit who have passed on but continue to watch over their life on Earth.

To some extent a child’s education on psychic abilities is already complete because all children are naturally psychic…and it’s us adults who have to do the learning to get back to that child-like state of mind. And this free psychic network of articles is a great place to resume your psychic and spiritual learning.

Mediumship (the ability to see, hear and describe people who have passed on to the Other Side) can also be developed with proper training, and it is likely that you already possess some mediumship abilities already.

Have you had vivid dreams about relatives who have passed on, or sometimes sense something or someone is in your home even though you can’t see them? These experiences are typical of people who have great potential to develop their natural mediumship, and a solid education on psychic abilities will complement the natural experiences you are already having.

People who have developed mediumship as well as the ability to receive premonitions are called psychic mediums

While many mediums are also psychic, not all psychics are mediums and receive messages from the Other Side. However, a spiritual education on psychic abilities will help any clairvoyant to build stronger links with the Spirit world and expand their repertoire of psychic skills.

Mediumship is sometimes developed in a psychic circle which consists of a group of people who regularly meet to strengthen their connections with the Spirit world. You too can run your own psychic development circle to learn how to see, hear and sense people in Spirit more accurately. On these occasions you also allow Spirit to direct your education on psychic abilities through your psychic circle, and this group can regularly meet within your own home on a weekly basis.

Although mediumship does generally take longer to develop than general clairvoyant skills, with some practise you will amaze yourself at your new ability to hear names and receive clear messages from those in the Spirit world. Anything is possible once you fully apply yourself to the task at hand.

Another ability you can be developed with a little practise is astral projection. This is a similar state to hypnosis, where your mind travels beyond your everyday surroundings, enabling you to tune into countries, people and places and discover amazing psychic insights using your own psychic powers. And like all of these psychic skills, astral travel is a totally safe technique when you know how to develop it correctly…and it’s also a lot of fun to practise as you learn to see around corners!

Before too long your education on psychic abilities will be so thorough that you will be able to string many of these skills together to give your first accurate psychic readings. You will learn how to make reliable psychic predictions, understand about the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac, learn how soul mates will meet, confidently give a psychic love reading and an angel reading, use angel therapy, and perhaps even develop your abilities as a pet psychic!

Possessing psychic powers is not simply mind reading: it is the ability to tune into events and lives and discern information from a spiritual source which cannot be seen. Mind reading implies that you simply lift details and thoughts from someone else’s mind, but this isn’t the case with genuine clairvoyance.

Many times when you give a psychic reading you will pick up information about an event that the person doesn’t have any knowledge of…and then that event occurs weeks or months after the reading.

In giving psychic readings you are tuning into a much higher source than the person’s mind and you will gain psychic insights beyond their comprehension at the time of the reading. That’s why the best psychics provide a lot of detailed information that is validated months after the reading has taken place.

Just remember, the main difference between psychically gifted people and beginners is the number of hours they have spent practising their craft. If you genuinely wish to develop your spiritual awareness and become more psychic, start working towards a solid education on psychic abilities by following the exercises on this site, and before long you’ll be stunned at your own psychic powers and impressive results! As has been said many times before, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

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