This website was born in 1997 when I wanted to start a business at home. I had many criteria the business had to meet. The business had to be: one I would really enjoy and believe in; one that would allow me to work at home and around my children’s schedules; one that would utilize my love of crafts and have endless variety and creativity potential; one that could evolve easily; and one that would fill a need I myself felt, which was to provide families with good quality, wholesome, interesting, usable and relatively inexpensive goodies for small gift giving.

After experimenting with several different approaches, BINGO, Melt and Pour glycerin soap. My main emphasis was embedding toys and other little goodies in the soap. Dinos, aliens, zoo animals, glow in the dark bugs, etc., etc., etc., small gift sets, etc., etc., etc., endless. (As any of my family members will attest to, especially when there is not one single table top in the house that isn’t covered with soaps or supplies in various states of construction and/or confusion.)

Since I had settled on Melt and Pour soap I needed to find a source of good quality, reasonably priced and readily available supplies. This turned out to be no easy task and at times left me frustrated. Then, BINGO again, I found TKB Trading. Not only was TKB a great source for quality supplies, but also for information. I’ve been using TKB supplies ever since and decided I wanted to make them available to others. I’ve been given the opportunity to do just that through my TKB Trading distributorship.

And we’d love to help you with your soap and candle making needs too, whether it be supplies or information.