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Soap Crafting Introduction


In this introduction, learn the three basic methods of soapcrafting and the advantages and disadvantages of each. From this information, you will be able to decide which type of soapcrafting best suits your needs.
Welcome to soapcrafting! There are three basic types of handcrafted soaps. Acorn Soap N Candle Supply’ specialty is Melt and Pour soap. We offer information for your education on the three types of soapmaking methods. Click on your area of interest to learn more about these processes.

Melt and Pour or Glycerin Casting Soap — Soap which you buy pre-made in blocks or tubs. Similar to working with candle wax, casting soap is often “transparent”.

Cold Process — Soap made from scratch using oils and lye.

Hand Milled or Rebatched — Where you take pre-made cold-process soap and melt it down again with liquids and other goodies.

Or, for a quick overview, click here to go to see a comparison spreadsheet where each these of these soap making methods are compared side by side.